Interesting reading for 1-August-2006

Getting system level access from a limited account in WinXp - This video shows how you can get “system” level access very easily on a WinXp box. Looks totally possible. The basic crux is that we run a scheduled task that launches command prompt, since scheduler is run by the system account, we get a command prompt that is owned by system!!

Google’s Bigtable - I had seen this before while reading about google code base. But this is a nice technical overview of the google system for storing large amounts of semi-structured data. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to work at Google.

ZuluPad - The personal wiki notepad. Looks interesting.

Jakob Nielsen on screen resolution and page layout - Always a crucial decision, web design guru Jakob Nielsen offers some advice.

Schrödinger’s cat is not dead. - Funny, if you know the story behind schroedinger’s cat.

How I got mobile phone reception where there was no signal - Wow, finally all the univeristy education put to use. Really geeky stuff. The guy basically built a directional antenna but the way he did it is a very interesting read.

How to make a corporate butt pucker - Rick really makes the corporate butt pucker… LOL

The most important software innovations - I found the section on software patents and non-innivations very interesting too.

Feed2JS - Incorporate any RSS feed into your web page easily.

TunnelVision - A really wierd utility that provides security by hiding the entire screen except the area around your cursor.. LOL

Ruby books sales pass Perl - Interesting commentary by O’Reilly

Get Google spreadsheet and writely invitations - For free.

ATA Over Ethernet - Putting hard drives on the LAN. About a year old but still a very informative read.

Wanna know who’s ripping off your content? - This site can be used for some very interesting stuff. I think it may just be using the google related pages tech underneath, but the results looked good at first shot.

Sijin Joseph
Sijin Joseph

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